Paper recycling

The recycling loop of paper contributes to protection of resources and the wise use of secondary raw material (recovered paper) in many ways. In our company we are technically very exact with regard to the processing and the reuse of recovered paper. By this we optimize the use of our raw material (recovered paper) and save water and energy.

Our recovered paper comes from surrounding households as well as from industrial sources. Annually we bring more than 1 Million tons of recovered paper back to the product cycle. Our recovered paper will be processed according to the most modern standards. Any resulting rejects will be used thermally for the production of steam and electricity.

The paper which will be produced by us exclusively from recovered paper will be used by our customers for the manufacturing of

  • transport packaging
  • sales packaging
  • display material

After their consumption they will be taken back again in our production process as raw material so that our paper and the produced corrugated board from it represent a full circulation process.