Economist Adolf Jass set up the paper mill Adolf Jass in Gronau/Leine in Saxony. The first paper machine initially produced 12 tonnes per day.


The paper mill was modernized and the capacity was increased to 20,000 tonnes per year.


The second production site was built in Fulda in Hessen.
In 1971, paper machine 2 (today PM 4) started running, along with a power plant and a water purification plant. The annual capacity was 80,000 tonnes.

Adolf Jass had developed a technologically innovative concept for paper machine 2 that became the basis for the production of a new generation of high-quality corrugated base paper.


In Fulda the second paper machine (PM 3) was built and put into operation, with an annual capacity of 120,000 tonnes. By building a new steam boiler and an additional steam turbine the power plant was extended with the ecologically sustainable principle of the combined heat and power generation (KWK).


The paper machines were updated and extended. Together with machine suppliers, many technical innovations were developed for the first time and installed in Fulda. The annual capacity combined of both machines increased up to 500,000 tonnes.
Extensive investments for the protection of the environment and its resources were made. The purification plant was extended by an anaerobic stage and the power plant by a GuD-process (also KWK): Gas turbines are upstream in a further boiler and steam turbine block. They increase the generation of electricity for personal use and reduce the specific gas consumption per tonne paper.


After a serious fire the paper machine in Gronau was shut down.


A fully automatic warehouse in which paper reels can be stacked up to 15 meters high and are transported with vacuum lifters was put into operation.


The paper mill Adolf Jass expanded to Rudolstadt/Schwarza in Thuringia. It took only 14 months to build one of the world’s most modern paper mills for light-weight corrugating base papers. With 1,105 m/min the commissioning team established a new speed record for the start-up process of packaging paper machines.


By continuous improvement and advancements in the production process and their attendant facilities, the paper company Adolf Jass now has a production capacity of 950,000 tonnes per year. The highest daily production of the three paper machines was 3,271 tonnes on 28th November 2009.


Am 4. April 2013 verstirbt der Firmengründer Adolf Jass im 94. Lebensjahr.

Die Papierfabrik Adolf Jass Schwarza produziert nach einer 10-tägigen Ertüchtigung der PM 1 erstmals 1500 m Papier/Minute. Die Produktionskapazität des Unternehmens liegt bei 1 Mio. t im Jahr.